Sleep deprivation and high stress jobs

Hi Coach,

I’m a long time follower of yours and have been practicing your recommendations on neurotyping and supplementation with lots of improvement. I have a few questions for you that are specific to nightshift workers in high stress jobs. I’m a fire-medic in a very busy station and it’s rare that I have a tour of duty without extreme sleep deprivation and high stress shifts.

Since our shift is sometimes like a 10-14hr workout, are your recommendations the same following a shift as they are for post workout? Glycine, magnesium, taurine carbs etc to calm the nervous system? If so, should we strive to workout before shift vs after shift as to aid in recovery? As well, are there supplements we should take before and during work that will help with overall recovery? I am a type 3 and find no matter what I do, I have extreme difficulty recovering from work and workouts. Would sodium bicarbonate be useful for us due to the constant adrenaline from work?

Do you also mind commenting on what happens to our nervous system/neurotransmitters during lack of sleep and are there things we can do after our shift to counteract the damage that is occurs?

Hopefully that wasn’t too long and messy Coach. I can’t thank you enough for all the info you put out. It’s helped me a lot and made me healthier so I can continue helping others.

Yes, absolutely, magnesium (glycinate or threonate) and glycine are always my go-to when trying to calm the nervous system down. That can be after a workout or when your day is over.

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Honestly, do it when you’ll be able to perform the best. Strictly for workout quality, before your shirt would be better, but we don’t want it to interfere with your shift, so you’ll need to experiment. But it would be hard to be focused and turn-in a great performance after a 14h shift.

I’ll get to that later, I’m leaving for martial class in 5 min

Hi Coach, thanks for taking time out of your schedule to answer my questions. I truly appreciate it and appreciate all the knowledge that you share with us.

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