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Sleep Deprivation and Copenhagen

So just curious how much you guys think sleep deprivation really affects progress. I’ve recently come back from a 2 year break from lifting. Been back at it for around 4-5 months. I’m running 531 and still seeing progress. My diet is decent. I work out of town and work 12-14 hour night shifts. So basically I work two 24 hour shifts on the days i drive to work and home. I try to catch up on sleep on the weekends. So I feel like garbage most of the time but my numbers are still going up. And I’ve picked up dipping. I use it to help stay awake. I’ve never read any research about the affect of that on athletic proformance. Assuming it doesn’t really have any. Obviously smoking does. Just curious on your all’s thoughts on this.

Dipping actually delivers allot more nicotine than cigs into your system from what i have been told.

But does nicotine hinder athletic proformance? I feel like I remember and article on here about using nicotine gum as a preworkout stimulant.

50 hits of nicotine is the article

Losing your tongue to mouth cancer will probably hinder gains a bit…

Sleep deprivation definitely hinders gains like a motherfucker, but your situation is what it is. It’d be nice if we could all get ten hours a night but in the real world we’ve all got shit to do.

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Nicotine is a stimulant and doesn’t really help sleep. Tolerance builds quickly though so it’s probably a non issue.

Sleep deprivation sucks though.

Could you try nicotine gum or something? Or caffeine? Like Yogi said, your mouth and throat falling apart will probably take attention away from your gainz.

True. I’ll probably switch to nicotine gum at some point. I’m still trying to get my diet hammered in. So it helps. When I crave some Oreos I just put a chaw in. Problem solved lol.

Never said it did

That was the question. Didn’t mean to sound like a smartass

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