Sleep Cycling for Recuperation

I know that everyone tells us that we should get 8-10 hour of sleep every single night. But I think weigth has teaches us that the body overadapt to the same “stimuli” and become less efficient at It. Maybe there is a better way, namely the cycling It.

I would like to know how many hours iron freak like you does sleep and If you already heard/experienced sleep d?privation/compensation.

i sleep 7-9 hours every night and usually take a 30 mins 1 hour nap at about noon or after workout. Try sleeping after workouts and see how it works for u for me its great!

Havent heard anything about “sleep cycling” tho…

I sleep about 7 hours. 2 hours after lunch during weekends.

I had a similar question not long ago. You might start here:

Sleep is not a stimulus, it is a lack of stimulus which allows your body to recover mentally and physically from stress. You don’t adapt to sleep like that. Your body has a natural chemical cycle and sleeping at regular consistent times allows you to reach a balance in that cycle. You don’t cycle sleep between more sleep and less sleep unless you have been depriving yourself of sleep and try to overcompensate later (what many people do on the weekends).

Intersting thought, but there is no such thing as “sleep cycling.” You cannot cycle your sleep in order to improve the response to the stimulus. So, there is no need to worry about your “body overadapting to the same “stimuli” and becoming less efficient.”

However, if you routinely “sleep in” alot, you may find it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. Conversely, if you routintely deprive yourself of sleep, say by a few hours every night, your sleep efficiency and sleep architecture will change but only out of neccesity! Your body will quickly plunge into Stage 4 deep sleep in an effort to resotre you physically.

Melatonin, the hormone responsible for telling your body it’s time to sleep and an important driver of circadian rythms, cannot be cycled to become more effective. Although it’s release can be regulated.

As for sleep requirements, most people need 7-8. But like anything, some do well with less and some need more. It depends on the individual. But most people fool themselves into thinking they are doing fine with only 4-6. What they are actually doing is learning to cope, yet are not operating mentally or physically at 100%.

True sleep deprevation has a nasty effect on your body and I would not recommend engaging in any “experiments.” :wink: