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Sleep Apnea While on AAS

So while doing some research into AAS and high blood pressure, I came across this condition, sleep apnoea/apnea. Here is the description of what it is:

" Sleep apnea , also spelled sleep apnoea , is a sleep disorder where a person has pauses in breathing or periods of shallow breathing during sleep. Each pause can last for a few seconds to a few minutes and they happen many times a night. In the most common form, this follows loud snoring."

This caught my attention, as whenever I used AAS I was told my snoring was extremely loud. I attributed it to water retention causing slight edema in the lungs leading to difficulty breathing, however it could actually be this condition, which actually seems pretty serious.

This seems to be directly related to increased blood pressure, " Sudden drops in blood oxygen levels that occur during sleep apnea increase blood pressure and strain the cardiovascular system. Having obstructive sleep apnea increases your risk of high blood pressure ( hypertension )."

Is there anyone else that can relate to changes in breathing while asleep? Has your partner/family members noticed you snoring loudly or having periods of cut off breathing while asleep?



Yes I’m currently looking into this. Got a doctors apt next week. I’ve snorted loudly for years though, so prior to using test. I have recently seen a rise in blood pressure though and have been feeling more tired even after 8+ hours in bed. I’m not currently blasting though just on trt dose.

It’s also related to a person’s neck/shoulder size. When bodybuilders necks get larger they are more prone to having sleep apnea (so I was told by a sleep disorder specialist). I think it’s pressure on the airway.

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Interesting. Please do let us know what the doc says, this condition seems quite serious and is also known as a “silent killer” like hypertension. @pwrlftr1990

I read that too, although I don’t fit into this category for neck size. I see it could affect powerlifters slightly more. @dextermorgan


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I think mine may be related to a combination of neck size (18inches) and poor airflow through my nose. It’s been broken badly in my youth so i think it may play a factor. I’m trying to get a referral for a sleep study to get to the bottom of it though and then go from there

I’ve had the sleep study and was confirmed with apnea. I had balloon sinuplasty, a deviated septum correction, and a uvulaplasty. I still snore but no longer have the periods of not breathing, which is the killer. I just saw my doc this week and he reiterated that the more muscle you have, the more you snore.

My doc did a take home sleep study. Maybe you can look for that. Way better to try to sleep in your own bed. I still felt like a guinea pig but they got some data from me.

Is your neck over 17” in circumference? It’s been a while, but quite certain there’s a handful of studies out there that show a circumference greater than 17” is responsible for an increase is snoring. My blood pressure stays at 120/65 while on cycle, and I still snore like a mad man. However, my neck size increases a good bit while on cycle, so I’ve always attributed it to that.

Yep that’s what I’m shooting for I’m hoping to get it on the nhs if not I’ll pay for the home study myself. I do have a deviated septum so might be time to get that fixed

So my doc, did “cutting edge” technology and only uses a single stitch to repair the septum, No packing of the nose or anything like that.

That sounds much nicer that what was offered to me years ago.

Sleep apnea has nothing to do with lungs. It’s all about you throat and sinus. I did not have it (And my neck size has been well over 17" for a long, long time), had a glandular condition in my throat and developed it, had surgery and I’m pretty sure that I don’t have it now (Need a new sleep study). I have always snored though, which is related to tongue size and the general layout of the throat and sinus area. If you are so swollen that you develop apnea on cycle, you should reconsider what you’re dosing and how.

I don’t get swollen at all, but simply snore like a damn lawn mower on cycle. Within a month of being off, zero snoring again. Have always just thought it was due to the sudden increase in size and neck size from what I had read. To be fair, I don’t think I get apnea, just snoring. At least my wife has never mentioned anything other than snoring.

I’ve always been on the skinny side though, so maybe I’m more sensitive to the size increase?

It’s all about tongue size and the shape of the inside of your mouth and throat. Water retention alone could cause snoring, but not sleep apnea.

I have to have CDL physical for my job (mechanic). My neck measured 20-1/2 and bmi was 38. Passed home studies both times weighing 260ish. Lots of snoring.

Fast forward and I’m down to 240 with barely any snoring now. Never had sleep problems.

I was referring to the snoring in regards to water retention, not apnea. @hardartery

I dont know if its placebo now that I’ve discovered this but for a while now if have this sensation at the back of my throat of something being “stuck” there, or it feeling narrower.


The only time this was an issue for me was on high test. My wife said I sounded like a truck sleeping.

Normally I never snore and Fwiw my neck is big.

Could be some narrowing from water retention, or possibly some sinus inflammation as a side from something (maybe the suspension oil or something)

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This probably the soft tissue of the palette relaxing when you sleep. Mine did that too and one of my treatments were shots in my soft palette to stiffen the tissue and resist “fluttering” when I slept. See video

Urgh fucking high test, another side. @zeek1414

Long time brother thanks for chiming in. I fully agree thats probably whats happening, but i get it also while I’m awake. Feels abit narrow in my throat. I need to see the doc. What were your results once done? @studhammer

Interesting. Could be inflammation yes as I only seem to get it on a blast. @hardartery


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No more apnea but still snoring. Definitely sleeping better. The sinus surgery and associated treatments can be pretty painful post-op. My throat hurt for about 10 days from the shots and the sinus work caused a lot of clotting. Sorry if that’s too much info!

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