Sleep Apnea, Anyone?

Are there any other lifters out there that are experiencing sleep apnea ?

I know the short answer to lose more body fat/weight and possibly have my throat tissue lasered but I have debated also to get my tonsils removed…

I would appreciate if anybody else out on the board has gone through this and what therapies you have undergone or are looking at to alleviate the condition.

Thanks all in advance.

I had it…HAD it…I had to wear that sleep mask that blows air into your face…I lost 60 pounds and no longer have it. I also quit smoking and drinking. Ah, youth. Don’t know if that’s the answer you’re looking for but that’s what helped me.

Yeah, I’ve got the “Darth Vader” machine thing going on too LOL… man it sucks… guess I’ll have to keep losing weight.

Thanks for your reply… anybody else?

Consult with an ear/nose/throat doc about removing the tonsils. It’s possible that could help. I wouldn’t count on it though. Surgery to correct apnea has a pretty unimpressive success rate. Most apnea is caused by excess bodyfat rather than structural abnormality.

CPAP works well. If your apnea is caused by extra weight, then CPAP is probably your best bet. You get used to it pretty quickly, and you will sleep better. Quality sleep can definitely help you lose weight, thus improving your symptoms. I dropped about 30 lbs in a few months with no changes in diet.

Have you been formally diagnosed via a sleep study?

I have and am getting a mandibular advancement in the near future. I am using a CPAP now. I’ve lost over 30 lbs and it may of improved some but it is still there.

Yep… did the sleep study twice… found out I have about 99 breathing obstructions a minute… scared the shit out of me that one day I migh tnot wake up… shit…

The GF is strictly adamant now that I strap into the CPAP more frequently now… still gotta get used to it fully.

Hoped that someone would cheer me up and tell me that gutting the tonsils would help, but, bleh…

Losing weight, then, is the way to go.

I had it, losing weight did not help
( a large number of skinny folks have it) and I could not wear the CPAP. I have had a total of 9 surgeries and have been back to lifting since feburary. I feel great now.
PM me with any questions and I would be happy to help.

If you can tolerate CPAP Thats the route I would go. mandibular advancement is very invasive and takes a long while to recover from. Have you tried autoPAP’s. Both my father and sister have auto titrating machines that adjust pressure automatically and it works well for both of them.

I did have my tonsils and uvula removed and had a septoplasty, those did not cure it but it cut my apnea\hypopnea index by more than half…it does get better though.

Like others, losing a lot of weight (~60 pounds) made a huge difference for me. The CPAP helped, though.

im was with a chest physician the other week and this conversation came up becasue i have it. I am 14%bf and 220 with a 21 inch neck.

She said that it is due to neck size primarily with traps size the neck most important followd by delt and pec size.

She told me to give up anything that was inrease the size of my neck and traps and try to reduce them. Rather than going for all out weight loss. unless of course you are overweight