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Sleep and Strength


Hey everybody. Yesterday, I did a long and intense workout at 8 PM and went to bed at 10, but for some reason, I couldn't get to sleep. I tried every method I knew yet no avail. After lying there for what seemed to be a couple of hours, I opened my window, let the cold in and literally froze myself to sleep.

I think I had about 3-4 hours of sleep yesterday, but today I feel perfectly fine and woke up very fresh. I also performed a 55kg clean and jerk in PE, a PR. Do you think my strength (Or at least recovery) really has been impaled by this lack of sleep? Has anyone had similar experiences?


Dude, I can't fall asleep for shit on my own anyway... let alone within 6 hours or so after a workout.


I think it takes a lot more than one off night to become fully impaled.


Sometimes if I get a super shitty sleep I won't feel it the next day, it'll be the day after that that I feel like balls.


I'm in desperate need of some full impalement.


You need a really long spear for that, huh?


Welcome to the 25th century Buck!




It really doesn't have to be THAT long... as long as its the same circumference as my wrist.


That's all that's required??


Whoa! So rude of us to pass this by!
Umm, Hi there!, umm, so, well, yeah......oh I got nuthin'!


Thread has spun wildly off course. My work here is done.


Lol one night of a few hours of sleep ain't gonna hurt you buddy. Big thing to remember is, if you get less sleep, eat more food. Helps with recovery, cuz the longer you're awake the more energy you're burning...


You? Really? I didn't think it was possible for that to happen. I mean if I was closer...


You haven't found a chode to impale ya in all of Cali?


Sounds like a job for the BJLA. I think I'll be going on a solo mission for this one fellas. If I'm not back in a month... send more condoms.


Why this is the only thing you do with them.


Yea and I guess it has been 3 months already, I see the sleep thread and the weed thread. Next week I guess we get the pants are to tight thread. Yeah.


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I posted this in the quotes thread, thought I'd share some love.