Sleep and Recovery?

Hey all, I have been lifting seriously for a couple years and still dont know the effect of sleep on recovery. I have heard that recovery and muscle growth happens during sleep, yet I have also heard that sleep only helps your brain recover.

Also, I was wondering if streching extremely sore muscles stunts it’s growth or anything. DOes muscle recover when your awwake was well? Thanks for any replies

sleep is gud. get enough.

stretching will not stunt muscle growth.

Sleep is good for recovery. Basically, you are shut down and relaxed – which is a good time to go into repair mode. Of course, the brain recharges then as well.

Vitamin ‘S’ is one of the most frequently neglected component of training.
Get sleep, and plenty of it.

I aim for 8-10 hours/night because that keeps me rested and minimally sore from working out.