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Sleep and Progress

dcb - thank you for the references. I’ll check them out.

Ko - you’re not only an excellent chef, but you’re a super human being. I can’t seem function optimally the next week if I don’t make up my sleep deficit over the weekend.

Pat - your hypnosis worked cuz I was very sleepy when you posted!!!

Monty - I don’t know about getting up early or whatnot since I’m a night owl, and I prefer to stay up late.

Ike, Machine - you both are probably right. sigh Thank you for your insight. :slight_smile:

Nephorm - Unfortunately I can’t nap during the day. Thank you for your suggestion, and I’ll look into getting a strobe if any’s readily available in a small travel size. (It’s Ok not to be a doc or a med studnet! :slight_smile:

Jeff - you and me both. If I could sleep earlier, I would, but I can’t fall asleep easily unless I had less than 20 hrs of sleep in 5 days.