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Sleep and GH Secretion?


Can anyone tell me how important getting good quality sleep (preferably, going to bed before 10 PM) is for one's GH secretion?

Also, any tips on maximizing GH secretion?

Except GHRP-6.

Also, do short-term increases (such as after short, intense training sessions) help? (since short term increases in test from keeping sessions under 45' are irrelevant etc.)

(Since I just learnt GH is oh-so-very important for joint health and regeneration)



This is individual. Some get by with less sleep than others. Also, consistency/doing it long term with all the general things matters more than being obsessed with one thing or another

If I've had loads of short sleeps in a row, it soon catches up with me (usually the week after)...and especially if I've been blasting balls to the wall in the gym.

If you struggle with every ounce of gains, I'd say get as much sleep as possible (a good routine is probably more important than exactly how many hours though). Your sleep cycle/hormone cycle adapts to a certain degree (to how you've been sleeping), so getting to bed before 10pm would be good so long as it's a routine.


I`m more interested about hormonal response due to maintaining a routine but not on "good hours" like sleeping before 10pm

for example: a guy who sleeps 9 hours per day but goes to sleep at 2am.


Back in the spring I was not sleeping well and my joints and workouts were certainly hurting, mostly in my legs and hips. After dialing in 7-8 hours a night with some naps thrown in these problems my joint pain is gone, I am working out harder with less muscle soreness, and my sex drive is much higher.

As far as the time you go to bed.... I have heard that sleep before midnight is higher quality but I am also pretty certain it is more important to stick to your bodies natural rhythm.




Largest secretion happens in your sleep. About an hour after you actually fall asleep.

Most of that occurs during REM sleep.

But, it is such an individual thing.

Why do you thing eat, lift and sleep is the best way to put on muscle?!?


GABA/ZMA half an hour before bed.


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