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Sleep Aids

I have a friend that has always had trouble sleeping. Currently she is taking Valarian but it is not really helping. Is there anything else that you would recommend she try?

This may sound weird but tell her to have sex or masterbate before going to bed and see if that works. Seinfeld even did an episode about it, “The Contest”. She could just be sexually frustrated.

Also there is a little relaxation routine she can do. What she could do is lie on her back with arms at her side. She tenses and relaxes each body part one at a time starting at the toes and then working all the way to her face, where she would scrunch her face as hard as possible. Have her hold each tense 5 sesonds then relax, repeat. At the end she will do a whole body tense twice and then lie there motionless without turning over. She will be really relaxed after that,

GABA, ZMA, Meletonin

I sometimes take melatonin but its not for long term. It’s just to reset my sleeping cycle if I’ve been out of it long enough. Also, it has alot to do with diet. Limit refined sugar, cut down caffiene, cut out alcohol. Just one drink of beer or whatever right few hours within bedtime pretty much ruin my night of sleep.

I have always had trouble falling to sleep. No matter what time I tried or how tired I ws I would la there for hours tossing and turning. I couldn’t get my mind to stop racing from here to there from things that happened that day or othere things. I have been taking Ambien for probably 2 years now. I take 5mg normaly each night. I wake up fine the next morning with no know side effects.

ZMA does not help induce sleep. It only makes sleep “deeper”

I work a wacked out schedule, and I have to be in bed by six p.m. or I won’t get my nine hours of sleep. After my days off I rely on Ambien 5mg to get back in the swing of things for the week. No side effects or unnatural feeling. Very good product.

Has anyone used 5 htp as a sleep aid?

Thanks for all your suggestions…I am relly trying to stay natural here though. Would you suggest Melatonin? Are there other natural products that might help…I have passed along the tensing and relaxing idea.