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Sleep Aids: Melatonin?


I know years back this was hailed as a sleep aid. Anyone still use this? Is it effective? I started shift work and can't sleep during the day :frowning:


Do a search, it's been brought up several times on this site, including in several articles. The conclusion seemed to be that it works well for short periods, but if you're going to use something long-term, l-tryptophan is preferred.


Works like a charm for me. On the rare occasions I work out right before bed, I take a melatonin before the workout. By the time I eat and shower, I'm ready for sleep.


Last I checked melatonin inhibited androgen production... mind you, this was a while back.

I like ZMA. You can't beat the price.




I use 1500 mcg per dose for 3-4 nights when I fly back from the US. It really helps with the jet-lag, 1/2 hour after I take it I start to get sleepy.

I don't get the same effect from ZMA, i.e. it doesn't make me sleepy when I take it, but I when I do fall asleep, I sleep like a corpse! Melatonin allows me to wake up without a problem.


Melatonin and Shrunken Nuts


Melatonin knocks me right out!!


I use "Super Snooze" from Vitamin World. It contains 3mg of Melatonin. I don't know if that is very much melatonin or not, but when I take this with my ZMA - I'm out like a light inside of an hour.


My advice...
Instead of Melatonin, try OTC pills containing diphenhydramine. It is non-habit forming and has worked well for me when I needed it. It is an antihistamine (what you find in your typical allergy medicine), disipates in the blood after a little while and has little negative impact in long-term usage. Look for Sominex, Somnitabs, Tylenol PM (whcih of course contains a pain killer too), and others. Good stuff!



A couple of years ago, I used an Iron-Tek supplement that has both ZMA and melatonin. I forgot its name, I-T doesn't make it anymore. Wow, I really can't remember. Anyway, it worked nicely.

Over the last year or so my sleep schedule has become more regular, and I decided to save money by buying a pure ZMA supplement instead. I had an evening job that screwed my schedule, now I have a day job.

Compared to that other supplement, I'm a little less drowsy 20 minutes after taking it (but it still makes me sleepy all the same). Same during-sleep and post-sleep sensations (vivid dreams, etc.).

If you're not already taking ZMA, I suggest try it first. If it doesn't help, add melatonin or take it separately. It's up to your individual preferences. I don't know much about the other sleep aids, though.


While we are discussing ZMA, has anyone else found that it doesn't work well for them, like me and MISERERE ? I've tried it a couple of times and I swear it keeps me awake. Is ZMA the type of supplement that takes a few days of use to kick in and help one sleep ?

I have found that L-tryptophan works real well to knock you out quickly, but it's hard to find and I usually wake up in a couple of hours and can't get back to sleep (aaarrrrggg!!!)If you take a big dose, it's a real strange, dopey buzz. If anyone is interested, I still have an address and phone# for a lab that sells veterinary supplements, and one of the supplements is L-Trytophan. I've ordered it from them a bunch and it's the real deal. I got the original lead from Bill Phillip's old magazine.


drink a couple of beers then take one of the three miligram ones. Knocks you out.


I think the best natural thing to aid sleep besides ZMA, are fruits especially berries like blueberries but most fruits can help relax your brain. The number(1) fruit in my opinion for sleeping are cherries because they can increase melatonin levels in the blood. Therefore helping one sleep better. Red tart cherries are the best, if only it wasn't 6 dollars a pound around here : /


If you are doing a graveyard shift and trying to sleep during the day, Melatonin will NOT work. I believe it naturally occurs and is excreted by the Pineal gland at night.

As a supplement, it should be taken at night. Whenever I have tried it after pulling an all-nighter, nothing. At night, however, it works fine.

I have found the best thing for me is a perscription called Imovane(sp?). It is nothing heavy duty, I feel relatively well rested, no "hangover", but it should be taken ONLY AS REQUIRED, as it can be habit forming.
(I am not a Doctor, but am speaking from experience, not the habit forming, just the use of the product).


Xanax works great for me!!


YES YES YES. If you read the post on ZMA, you read all about my experiences on it. Dude, the first two WEEKS I was on ZMA I was all jumpy and alert and was sleeping eratic. I would get zonked out, then i would awake jumpy and alert 4 hours later. The boys here at Biotest all say to give any product your on a month to work - and there EXACTLY right - after about 4 weeks or so, i got adjusted, and now, I SWEAR by it - it works amazingly well to put me in a deep restfull sleep. I'll be taking it forever. (4/1 3/1 split)


you thinking of this http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd=Retrieve&db=pubmed&dopt=Abstract&list_uids=15550508&query_hl=2 or what?

can you elaborate on your statement? because i dont like the idea that im inhibiting androgen production via melatonin supplementation.


I work graves and have been for a year and a half now. I use a combination of 3 mg melatonin and valerian root at 200 mg. Works and not addictive. Use it for the first two 'days' on graves and then go 'clean' for the rest of the week. Tried both by themselves and don't work near as well as in tandem. Synergistic effect apparently.


I have always had a hard time sleeping at night so I got sort of reliant (not addicted) on melatonin(3mg) to do the job..while it DOES work, it does gives me the absolute WORST nightmares you can imagine. Stuff that makes House of a Thousand Corpses look like willy wonka and the chocolate factory..