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Sleep Aids (Luna, Go Dark, Melatonin)

Anyone here take any ‘natural’ sleep aids? I’m looking into getting something like “Luna”. I’ve done melatonin but that’s usually only good for jet lag, or if I’ve been in front of a screen until late at night.

So, anyone here use em?

I occasionally use restavit to kick start a sleep cycle when coming off or onto shift work, most supplements iv tried worked for a few days then didn’t do anything.
Melatonin always makes me drowsy which helps, the brand I used also had calcium and b6 in it.
I think magnesium has really helped.
There are alot of things that can contribute to good or poor sleep. Iv experimented with htp, ashwaghanda, rhodilia, cordyceps and a few others which have helped me be relaxed ready for sleep, sleep deeper and wake less, and wake feeling like you’ve actually had a decent sleep.
I think Joe rogan has a couple of podcasts with a guy called Matthew walker who studies the impact of sleep, rhonda Patrick also has a couple with him as well. Pretty interesting stuff

Ive tried a lot over the years but Z12 from biotest has been my go to for years. I don’t use it frequently but I sleep like a rock when I do.

Doesn’t do much to put me to sleep, but when I’m out I stay out. Minor grogginess in the morning but it passes very quickly.

Not natural, but I have found the most effective thing for me is benadryl.

I don’t have the source on me, but I have also heard that it doesn’t impact sleep quality to the extent of something like PM cough syrup.

Continue taking melitonin with 1 glass milk + 1 table spoon home made clarified butter + 1 table spoon cocoa + saffron + cardamom. And u will Rock…

PB&J and a big glass of milk or protein shake puts me to sleep like a baby and I wake up feeling really good.

Also, lights out an hour beforehand and cool down the room if possible.

Definitely not me. I feel sick, like really sick, like there Is a brick in my stomach. I used to eat a lot before bed because it helped, until it didn’t.

That’s understandable. If I eat beef or chicken within a couple of hours of trying to sleep I produce too much heat and can’t cool off to sleep.

Glass of milk, cold shower, ZMA

I take melatonin 5mg most nights but it gives me weird dreams. Sometimes if I workout to close to bed time I’m still too wired for melatonin to work alone I’ll also take a benedryl. That combo usually does the trick.

I’ve read that melatonin above 2mg isn’t recommended

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I just bought Z12 to try it out. I’ve used Ambien all the crap above everyone has mentioned. I just can’t stay asleep. Z12 keeps me out through the night. So far thumbs up on the z12. I take it with magnesium and zinc just before bed.

How often do you take z12? It works but, what does most of the work is the phenibut. Phenibut should not be taken everyday as it can cause dependency and pretty bad withdrawals. Read up on that.

I had asked how much was in a dose but, got no response.

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I dont take it all the time. I generally take it when I have a bad stretch of sleeping for a couple of days. I take 2 or 3 capsules when I do take them. I always take the mag and zinc though. Probably use z12 2 times a week.

I’ve taken Ambien a few times before. it does work. the morning grogginess is also real.

but waking up and murdering your entire family? becoming a racist? driving a car into a ditch? nah, that seems exaggerated a bit.

Ambien puts me out just doesn’t keep me out. Never went on crazy Rosanne style rants either…or sleep ate.

I’ve had a friend tell me she sleep ate, literally got up and cooked an entire meal and didn’t remember.

That’d be pretty scary.

Those calories don’t count then.

Seriphos helped me reset my circadian rhythm. I had tried everything… OTC and prescription.

I took 1 before eating (afterwards diminished the effects, I found) and 2 more before 10 PM for about 3 weeks. It worked wonderfully with no withdrawal symptoms at all.

The Ambien stuff really happens. I have several DUI clients who have all told that they do not remember anything at all, yet they were driving, pulled over, spoke to police and were arrested.