Sleep After a Workout

I was wondering if anyone here has advice on getting to sleep after a workout in the evening.

My problem is that I lift around 6-7 PM and the workouts elevate my mood too much to go to bed by 9 or 10 PM. Basicly I can start lifting feeling like a zombie and by the time I’m done I feel invincible. The harder I push myself, the more hyped up I get. I take zinc and magnesium pills and go to bed at 10 PM at the latest, but I won’t actually sleep before midnight. When I do fall asleep, I sleep like a baby until I drag myself out of bed around 6 AM.

Are there any supplements or foods that might help with this? Does anyone else have problems like this?

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Drink warm milk … or a beer.

i had the same problem and a buddy of mine reccomended melatonin. you can usually get about 60 or so tabs for pretty cheap at just about any vitamin/supp shop. take about 1 or 2 ~ 30 minutes before sleep.

make sure you have a good meal (though not too close to bed time) and find something to relax you. i often read for a bit and that sends me off pretty quick. it can be kinda psychological too. if you do anything on your bed that doesn’t promote sleep (well, OK… aside from sex and such) then your mind becomes accustomed to that.

don’t eat in bed or you’ll be up at midnight with hunger pangs. don’t get into bed until you’re ready to go to bed.
jus’ some advice

Melatonin. 3 mg. One pill should send you into lala land faster than you can count. 100 pills at vitamin shoppe was like $6. This works for me every time. Especially after evening intense workouts, I train PM on tuesday, thursday and saturday, the melatonin really helps me.

The beer suggestion does too. For some reason one beer knocks me out, if I have only one.

Yeah, like the article that came out today said, establish a routine.

Make sure you aren’t watching interesting television or listening to good music from 9pm onward. Perhaps start turning off the lights around 9pm as well.

If you can get the body to slow down and think it’s time for sleep, it won’t be so hard to go to sleep…

Does a beer really help?

If it really works then hell, I’ll do it.

I have rather low tolerance for alcohol - so how about a bottle of Smirnoff?