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Sledgehammer Help


For those of us who don't have room to keep a 200lb tyre, does anyone have any suggestions regarding what could be struck with a sledge for gpp? (Obviously this is open fo joke after joke but serious help would be prefered).


For GPP? I like squirls, or something that requires a chase.


You must not be very serious about your training, even this lady found a place to keep a "200lb tire" !


Someone had to get the thread going;)


I'm new to the whole GPP thing and I also did not have a 200lb tire. So I went to a used tire store in town and got a small truck tire (maybe 40-50 lbs) for free and I hit that for now. It works for me, but I'm not so strong yet. The only down side is that it is a little small and when I get tired and miss I leave a hell of a divit in the yard.


Just about anything that isn't too hard. Not that I'm telling you to go pound sand, but it's a not a bad idea.


Why not just use a smaller tire? I found mine in the woods while walkin one day. Carried it home about a mile and a half. Some guy actually stopped to ask if I needed help. OK buddy I'm carrying a fuckin tire, not changin one.

I forgot the tire one day and just used a tree that had fallen down.

Now the tire is in the trunk of my car, along with the sledgehammer. That way, if traffic pisses me off enough, I won't kill another human being. Instead, I'll just pull over to the side of the road and whoop up on a tire.


Wow, that's kind of wierd. I do the same thing. Never know when you're going to need to vent some hate.


Damn - I was hoping this thread was about Pedro's bike.


Get a smaller tire, or use your imagination as to where to store it. I live in an apartment complex and found place for a 700lb one.


How about a railroad tie. You could wrap it with duck-tape if you're worried about it splintering apart.


Just take some regular size car tires and bolt them together. Use 3/8" x 3" hex head bolts with big washers. 4 tires makes an approx. square. You can even make the thing assymetrical and it will do some unexpected bounces and twists - great for football, rugby or wrestling.