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Sledgehammer GPP...


What weight sledgehammer would you reccomend for sledge work as GPP?



See if this helps.


Thanks, it helps. But I dont want to spend 140 bucks on a sledgehammer.


8 lb.

Pick up one at Home Depot for $20 or so. Make sure it's fiberglass.


I just bought a 10 lbs one from Home depot for $25. They advertised a 16 lbs one for about $45, but they didn't have any.


I bought the 16 lb one. I swung it around a few times and it seemed ok.

It was 37 bucks, I think.


8# & 12# depending upon what you are doing.

For Tabata-style swings, use an 8#. Go on, laugh at me for being wimpy. Then go out and try it. After two minutes you should want to puke. Remember, Tabatas are four minutes.

The 12# hammer is good for pretty much everything else. 16# sledges are great is you can find them, but they tend to be a bit more elusive than 8# & 12#.


Dude, dudddddeeeee don't do GPP with a sledghammer. Don't you know that shit is out of control? First a sledgehammer, then gay marrige, then 2nd graders marrying dolphins. It's a slipper fuckin slope man.


That' funny shit dude. I have a 12 lb axe that I lever sometimes. Balde to my face. Shit Yeah.


i think 8 lbs is too light. i once swung my 8 lber for 15 minutes straight with only 3, 20 second breaks the whole time. if you were gonna use one for tabatas i think you should definitely think of going heavier


16 seems a little big for you, but whatever. You'll grow into it.


Thats what I figured.