Sledgehammer GPP

I just started doing sledgehammer GPP and the best I can do is 2 minutes of vertical strikes (static grip) for about 60 reps/strikes, or 1 strike for every 2 seconds. By the end of this 2 minutes my hands/forearms are roasted and even the lats and triceps are fatigued. My training partner feels the same. We are using an 8 lb. hammer and training for football so possibly keeping the duration of the sets under 2 minutes might be more beneficial, so long as we perform multiple sets. Any ideas?

I’ve been going to 15 diagonal right, 15 center, 15 diagonal left. I usually finish about 6 circuits in the twelve minutes. Maybe try that for 2 minutes? Right, center, left? Or you’re only doing vertical striking?

I could use you for some yard work…Sounds like a great work out. No advise on how to make it better except wear gloves and keep at it. Maybe include more ‘sets’ and get really exhuasted.

I’m doing sledgehammer GPP and kettlebell work on 2 of 3 of my off days (training 4 days a week now). My favorite routine consists of doing 1-2 mins of vertical striking, rest for 30-60 secs, then go through some swings, snatches, clean and press with a kettlebell, then 1-1.5 min of diagonal striking right, rest (30-60s), kbell work (2-3 min), diagonal striking left (1-1.5 min), rest (30-60s), then some more kbell work. I’ll take 2-3 mins of rest, then repeat the whole cycle.

Obviously, you can tailor this as much as you'd like to fulfill your needs. Since I'm using this for off day GPP, my goals are to get some active recovery, burn some calories and have some fun.

Where is this sledgehammer GPP article? Since I work at a home improvement store where we have the LOWE’St prices guranteed, I can easily obtain different sledgehammers. I am also toying the idea of using a pallet and some chain for a sled drag. Even using a pallet jack on the concrete floor can get me worked up if the load is heavy. I will definately post the material list for the pallet sled once I build it. Thanks, -The Starkdog

Just finished splitting four cord of wood the old fashion way. Slegdehammer and a Maul. Great workout!!!Best of Luck.

renegadetraining, you may also want to check out intensitymagazine as Mike Hartle did about 9 articles on there about it.

Actually, the first seven sledgehammer articles are on intensity magazine. Dr. Mike’s continuing the series on Coach Davies site.