Sledgehammer Exercises

Can anyone give me a link to an article or any books written on sledge hammer training?

Try over at They should have some stuff on levering.

I looked and found some stuff on levering and forearm work. I’m looking for some striking stuff I can use for core work as a GPP workout. I’m just an out of shape powerlifter LOL

p.m. me

Just get a sledge and a tire.

Swing like your chopping wood, 15 reps on the left, 15 on the right, 15 straight over head, rinse + repeat.

there’s lots of stuff on the web, try the following:
search archives and articles at
mike mahler’s web site he does kettlebell stuff but also has stuff on hammers too.

that should provide lots of source material and links to other hammer stuff

Striking = striking,I think you know what to do.
use 'em like clubells, indian clubs.
The company that made the new sandbags that were covered in the articles a few weeks ag, the ultimate sandbag, just put out a DVD on striking too.