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Sledge Hammer GPP

When you do sledge GPP should you go continusly, like regluar GPP, or rest for 30-60 seconds after each round?

Like GPP in general, it can vary greatly depending on your goals, intensity, and current level of conditioning.

You could do a single session for, say, 15-20 minutes of moderate intensity, or if you want, you could break it up into something like five 2 minute sessions, probably at a greater intesity, each with a minute or two of rest in between.

Or you could do both, either alternating how you do it on different days, or by splitting your routine. You could do 10 minutes of steady moderately intense pounding, followed by two 2 minute sessions where you go crazy.

Just figure out what your goals are, how you feel doing it, and do what feels right. :wink:

Check out Coach Davies website and look under archives for a series on Sledgehammer GPP by Mike Hartle. It’s around 13 articles long and covers a vast array of training tips for sledgehammer gpp.

I like to flip the tire a dozen times after abusing it with the sledgehammer.

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Will - tell me a little what you’re doing with the sled, the type of motion and the size of the sledge (are you using one weight?).

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Coach Davies

I use a 12lb Sledge on a big tire I have in the back yard. I walk around the tire as I hit it. Strike it, take a step, etc.

I usually go for :60. Take a :30 to :60 break and repeat for as many as I can take for the day.

I have had my heart rate up over 165 BPM doing it this way!

I have also been doing Sledgehammer GPP.

I read Dr Hartle’s articles when they came out and did some sledgehammer back then, but I’m doing it more now since I don’t have access to a gym.

What I’ve been doing is using a 10# sledge on a big truck tire. I go for rounds of 2 minutes of continuous swinging with 1 minute of rest. I take about 15 swings from the right side and then switch to 15 from the left. Takes about 30 seconds to get in 15 swings - so 60 swings per 2 minute round. I have been using the overhead swing, diagonal overhead and also the low-side swing (kind of resmebles a golf swing). Right now I am getting through 4 good rounds 2x/week.

Anyways, I am trying to get leaner (lower BF%), and have been wondering if using the hammer this way is the best approach.

Other than the sledge, I get in some HIIT 2x/week and do lots of jump rope (anywhere from 4-8 rounds of 3-4 minutes with 1 minute or no rest). I have noticed that as I increased the number of rounds from 2 (when I started) to 4 (now) that my aerobic capacity is much greater.

As far as lifting,I only have about 140 #'s of weigths so I try to superset, and stay around 10-12 controlled reps with basic multi-jointed exercises like bench, military press, good mornings, bent over rows, etc.)

I’m only including that info. about my diet and other workouts so you all have an idea of what I have access to and what my overall workouts have been like. I’m open to whatever kind of suggestions (you can PM me), but my question for this thread is about my use of the sledge