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Well I guess it was going to happen at some point. I wanted to start dragging so I looked into buying a sled. When I saw the price of one, my next move was a trip to home depot to build own since I’m a cheap bastard. This one cost me about $10. It turned out better than I thought it would. Funny thing as soon as I started dragging it everyone that sees me asks about it and wants to join in on the fun, even the gunny who even grinned when he saw me with it. But I guess that’s what you would expect from a bunch of crazy marines. I would think if I was out in town, there would be people wondering “wtf” rather than getting motivated and wanting to jump in.

Could you please give a description of how you made it?

any descriptions please? i could use plans for one to.

I had some old 2x6’s lying around so I cut one about as long as a 45lbs plate. Then I got some eye hooks that I drilled in the front and got some rop to put through it. I drilled into the middle of the board and placed a wooden dowel there and smothered it in Elmer’s wood glue (it is wicked strong). I had the dowel and the board. 50ft of rope and 2 eye hooks cost me 9.19 i believe, which isn’t bad considering sleds run about 130 (which is ridiculously overpriced).

It works like a charm and the arm raises (front, rear, side) have been helping shoulder recovery a great deal.

Now I just need to find a store that cells 1/2-5/8" chain.

I use 3/8" chain. It’s 1.5 lbs/ft, so I do 10’ vs. 5’ lengths - you just double it over twice, vs. once with the 5’ length. So each set of two chains gives you 30 lbs, you can use x number of sets to give you the required weight.

got a picture?

Not sure if you’re talking to me or offroad biker, but I’ll post a pic of my sled by tonight sometime.

third attempt

Cezar and aaronm, thanks.

I had tons of ideas but this is the simplest. I screwed a 2"x6" to 2’x2’ piece of plywood, I used screws since they would hold the pieces together tighter and finished it off with a bunch of finishing nails I had on hand. Then I screwed in the flange in on the center of the board and screwed in a piece of treaded precut pipe to it. This will hold the plates. To attach the rope I used something a little different. I don’t know what’s it’s called, it’s a u-shaped piece of metal that used to hold pipe. I just drilled two holes and bolted it in on the other side. Another way I heard of building one is to tie a rope to a pallet and pile weight on top of it.

Another thing to do if you are cheap is drag a keg.

I bought 2 kegs last week for $12 each from a liquor store. My plan was and is to use them as oddball lifting implements, but then I realized I could drag them around.

There are holes on both ends (the big hand holds are only on top, but you can lay it on it’s side and attach a rope to each end and it’s not too hard on the lawn if that is a concern. I tied a short piece of rope with a metal ring on it to the keg, and then passed a piece of fat rope through the ring for a grip, but no reason you couldn’t just tie it to a belt or to ankle bracelets or whatever else people do with their sleds. I used the fat rope because I thought it would be fun to give the grip some work.

Only problem is the weight is not adjustable… I filled one of the kegs half full of water and the other full and resealed them, so I only have two weights to work with… It’s also a little weird working with the half-full keg because the water sloshes around a bit and makes things interesting. But that’s all part of the fun, and it was really cheap and I’m getting use out of them that I didn’t plan on.

If you were clever and had access to better tools than I do you could cut a keg it half lengthwise and have an open trough to pile weight into. Actually two of em.


One more thing, I found out that useing a dip belt that has a chain and a clip is the easiest way to attach it oneself. I just leave a loop tied to the rope and loop the chain through it and through the ring on the other side of the belt and clip it to the side the chain started from. This way the belt tightens when the weight pulls on it.

I also use a dip belt. Works great.

Kegs, good stuff, I need to get some of those. I’ll add it to my grocery list. Now that makes: Kegs, barrels or drums, Heavy tire, thick rope and supplies to make some kind of Farmers walk implements, which is my next project. This is shapeing up to be a fun summer.

I made a sled using scrap metal and had it custom painted dark blue with silver flames. I knew someone who welded and had scrap metal. I have pics but no scanner but if i get a hold of one i’ll send pics.