Sled Work

I was wondering when dragging a sled do you run or jog while dragging it or do you walk? I am not exactly sure how to use it.

All depends on WHY you use it. we “sprint” pulling sled backward (quads) then spin around and sprint forward while pulling the sled with arms pointed backward (Post. Chain). Also, same routine with sled hooked to belt in front, then spin belt around pulling from the rear. We also pull for weight in which we walk with as much weight as traction will allow. I train a soccer player, a basketball player, a baseball pitcher and a football OLB and we all benefit. We also walk forward while holding straps above and just forward of our head (standing like Superman flies) that kicks the abs pretty hard. I’ve also done “flies”, rear delt “raises”, 1 ankle drags, walking bench presses etc., etc.

Be careful, once you start you get addicted. Here is an excellent article on sled dragging, with routines, by Dave Tate: