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Sled Work



Just a quick thank you. As a teenager I benched 206, squatted 330 and deadlifted 303kg. However, I tore the longhead of my biceps in each shoulder playing rubgy and was never as strong again in those lifts. I always found squatting painful, as a result of having the heavy bar a fair way down my back, and dealifting hit my shoulders too so my leg development sufferred. Its quite frustrating to have a strong muscle but be held by a weak joint and I'm now 36 so the years of rugby, powerlifting and competitive kick boxing have taken their toll.

I saw you advocating the sled and eccentric-less training and gave it a go. After 3.5 months I've put on two inches on my thighs, an inch on my calves and dropped some body fat. My front squat has gone from 3 plates to 4 plates for 8. All from adding three sled workouts a week to my usual leg day: one super heavy basically trying to sprint (de franco style) and two lower intensity volume days. It's been a revelation!

Thanks for sharing your ideas and expertise. I really appreciate it.