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Sled Work - Lower Body


Hi, I would like to solicit collective forum members opinions, as to when implementing Lower Body Sled Work in the HP Mass Program, could you utilize the Sled 4 times a week with a setup such as i.e. 2x sessions - Light Weight - 60m distance and 2x sessions - Heavy Weight - 20-30m distance? Your informed opinions would be greatly appreciated.



I personally like to do a mix of heavy and light work in the same workout when pulling the sled. Here is how I did it sometimes while performing the HPMASS program:
Sets 1&2: Light
Sets 3, 4, & 5: Heavy
Set 6: End on a light note

The light sets acted as a good way to really focus on contracting the legs before starting the heavier work where it is a bit harder to do so. Ending on a lighter note also ended the workout with the same feeling of control.

Hope this helped!


Thanks mate for your reply. How many days a week, do you use the Sled for Lower body?


Short distance (30-40m) / light weight / maximum speed: to build speed and wake up CNS

Short distance (30-40m) / moderate weight / maximum speed: to build explosiveness and muscle tone

Very short distance (10-30m) / very heavy weight / slow: to build strength

Short distance (20-40m) / heavy weight / slow: to build size and strength

Medium distance (30-60m) / moderate weight / slow (focus on muscle contraction): size

Medium distance (30-60m) / light weight / maximum speed / short rest periods: to get leaner

Long distance (more than 60 seconds of effort for a set) = to build endurance and get leaner


Thanks CT for your input. In general, how many days per week is Sled Work for the Lower Body performed?