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Sled Work for Upper Body Pushing Muscles?

Hi Coach, can Sled Work be used for the pushing muscles of the upper body, or are they more effective for the legs and pulling muscles of the upper body?

It technically works, but I never got the same effect as for the lower body. My theory is that you release the tension on upper body pressing exercises (you have to push, walk forward to readjust, press, walk forward to readjust). Losing the constant tension takes away from the growth stimulus especially since you already have no eccentric component.

Can Upper Body Sled work be used as a second session for the muscle/pattern worked in the earlier session and for active recovery/cardio then?

Yes, I’ve used it when training Daryl Gee for the Olympia. But it is not as effective as sled work for the lower body because the tension is not constant.

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