Sled Work for Powerlifters?

I’m interested to see how many powerlifters use a sled or prowler? I have a sled and I like getting extra volume for my back and biceps with it, however I never noticed an increase in recover from using it for my legs by doing backward walks or forward walks/runs with it.

Today is an off day for me and I was debating use it but am leaning towards just letting my knee joints rest since they are always a little sore after squatting.

I use one for recovery and extra volume work too, but I really try to keep tabs on how much and how tired I am etc… I think it does help my recovery, but I also don’t think you have to do very much of it before it might be detrimental (kind of a balancing act).

I’ve found that I really like doing cariocas with a light sled/prowler to help my hips when they start to ache.

Dragging the sled has DRAMATICALLY increased my work capacity for deadlifting and squatting. Its great for the upper back as well, the latest thing I have been doing is pulling it with a neck harness GM style. I grew curious after seeing some of the guys at WSBB do it and it hits your whole body. Really good for “pumping” up the legs, hamstrings,hips,glutes,etc. There should be no debate on the benefits of doing it. Louie Simmons has written some articles about this on WSBB’s homepage.

In the past I have always done heavy backwards walks with it until my legs got sooo pumped I could barely bend them. Last night I tried what CT recommended for recovery and that is backward running until you notice your speed drop at all, which is when you stop. So I used a lighter weight and went much faster. I just did about 4 40m distances and I felt it a lot in my calves compared to when doing it heavy and slow, which is great because I’m trying to bring them up. I really enjoy doing back and biceps with it though.