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Sled Work for Hamstrings?

I know you have mentioned sled work before but what do you think of the backward ankle drag for hamstring development/activation?

Garage trainer here and I recently purchased a rogue sled and started doing backward ankle drags for posterior chain activation and hamsting development on lower body days. from the couple times I have done them they sure had the hammies and glutes on FIRE especially when paired with the snatch grip rdl. Looking to improve my hamstring and obviously a little limited at home. figuring this lift along with snatch grip pulling variations, hip thrusts I can accomplish something. thanks so much

I do use sled drags quite a bit with the olympic lifts I train. I use a lot of sled power walk for example to work on glutes and hasmtrings. A good way to add volume without delaying muscle recovery. In fact I often use them the day after heavy lower body work to speed up recovery. When we do that we use 10 mins walks with 50% body weight