Sled Work and Blood Tests?

I’m getting a blood and urine tests for my kidneys next week and I need to ensure my BUN and Creatinine are in check. I know I need to back down intense exercise 2-3 days before because of muscle damage, but what about sled work? What about non- impact cardio like ski erg , assault bike and rowing?


It’s not about the impact, it’s about the intensity. If you can do low intensity training, you shouldn’t affect the blood markers significantly. Like light, easy sled work, steady-state rowing, etc.

But really, taking a few days of rest won’t negatively impact your training in the long-term. If you need absolutely accurate tests, just rest the few days prior.

So would it be okay if I went heavy but kept my HR down? I also happen to be leaving for a 4 day vacation only a week after the scheduled test …so…

Probably. Or go light and still keep your HR down. Prioritize: Is it more important to get accurate bloodwork or to have one more hard training session in the books?

So… you’ll be very well rested and all set for hard training when you get back. No biggie.