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Sled vs Parachute


I think the sled maybbe better and is also adjustable but at thi point in time money and ability to build are limited. I could just drag a tyre but I'd quite like something portable. What do you lose out on or gain by doing parachute sprints over sled sprints?


From my point of view the sled wins hands down just on the basis that, as you mentioned, the load is adjustable. I know for example that I can comfortably pull quite a bit more weight on the sled forwards than I can backwards. I think the sled provides for a greater variety of applications also. Just my 2c


I would simply avoid the parachute all together. It won’t make you any faster and gusts of wind could really mess you up.


If I just wanted to do forward sprints would it be that much worse (apart from adjustability)?

Could you give some more information on why it wouldn’t build speed? It’s not to windy where I live


Why not just sprint?

Here is what CP says about them:

Here is what Joe D says:

I’m no expert, I just remember reading both of these posts. IMO (and again, I’m no expert) but likely the best way to increase your speed is to:

  1. Sprint
  2. Get stronger

in that order. Gimicks won’t take the place of hard work. Google Barry Ross and Holy Grail for an interesting read. Not sure that I would follow that guy like gosple (that guy has a lot of detractors), but it does show that progress can be made doing simple stuff but doing it with focus and effort.


Ok thanks very much for the links. I’m doing sprints, hill sprints and I wanted to bring in sled or parachute so I might make a tyre sled. Thanks again

ps. Yeah I’m squatting etc aswell