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Sled That I Can Use 1" Plates

Are there any of these on the market or do they all use 2" plates?

make one…

[quote]Kalle wrote:
make one…[/quote]

I’d rather not…

It’d probably be cheaper if you made one.

PVC pipe isn’t that expensive, and neither is 1" piping for that matter.

Making one is cheap and easy.

1 used tire
1 8’ 2x4
1 Eyelet bolt
1 or 2 nuts for eye bolt
A few big ass washers for eye bolt
A few nails or screws

Cut and wedge the 2x4 peices into the tire. Use nails/screws to hold 2x4 in place. Set the eyebolt and secure it with washers and nut. Tie a rope to the eyebolt. Pile on the load and drag to your heart’s content.