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Sled Question


I know how people love repetitive posts but, Ive searched every sled/Prowler post on here. Ive went through Tate's sled suggestions.

My problem is the multiple variations of possible sled training. Im powerlifter and want to compliment that with my cardio.

Is there one guys suggestion people pefer over another?? What are your experiences with the various programs for the sled. Ive seen 3-4 times a week, to one or twice a week?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just purchased one for myself and my partner, should have it this week.


I can't answer with any experience, so I will say that you should shoot a question to Tate, Wendler, Josh Bryant, or Chad W. Smith on EFS's Q&A page. They usually get back to you very quickly.


Cool. There are so many posts, and articles about this and that. Its hard to decipher what would be a good place to start.


If you don't get a response from Elite, check with Spud (spudinc.com) / Marc Bartley...him and his team have some ridiculous stories when it comes to dragging the sled around, I think he might know best when it comes to that damn thing.


thing to remember is that if your sport is PL, then the sled work is GPP, it should add to your lifting and not take away from it.

the great Louis Simmons told me that if you are huffing and sweating during your warm ups, you are out of shape.

I have no idea on how much or little sled work you should do.

Off the top of my head, start doing 2 times a week, 4-6 trips, either on your leg days as a warm up or finisher, or the day after squats/deads as a recovery tool.

see how that feels, and add a little more until you stop noticing positive effects.


For me, if I am focusing harder on conditioning 3-4 times a week, typically and preferably right after lifting. To maintain conditioning/even improve, but still primary focus is strength, twice a week, after ME work.

For prowler typically 10 sprints @ 40 yards each.

Sled you can alter forward sprints with backward drags. Actually you can do this with prowler too.

Also a couple trips can be done as warm up.


I use the sled for warmup, like PeteS said. With the strap around your waist, drag forward to the end of my gym's parking lot, then backward to the other side. Repeat for 12 trips. I think that ends up being .5 miles. You could also do the sled for a longer distance to do conditioning/cardio.

Do Prowler at the end of the workout. Either go light, like 2 plates per side, for higher volume/conditioning, or load up the plates high and just try to get short trips for strength (and conditioning, this will make you want to die).

I haven't done it yet, but my coach has had some of the guys do a medley which included holding KBs while pulling the sled, that seems pretty terrible too.


Dieselcrew has a manual on sled dragging. Maybe it covers all your questions about the sled. www.dieselcrew.com/ultimate-sled-dragging-ebook/


Follow the rule of 60% and pull it two to three times a week in every direction possible. So:

2 days-
1- Heavy weight for 6-8 trips of 60 feet
2- Light weight for a half mile+

3 days-
1- Heavy weight for 6-8 trips of 60 feet
2- Moderate weight for 10+ trips of 60 feet as fast as possible without running
3- Light weight for a half mile+

Day 3 is worse than 1. Pull 90lbs for a mile and you'll see what I am talking about.