Sled Pushes / Pulls

Anyone here push and pull sleds as part of their training ? I’m new to it and just wondering how you guys put it into your own workout, how you progress ( length pushed and pulled or weight used ), rest between sessions, etc.

I just started about four workouts ago . Starting easy by pushing about 30 yards then pulling back the same distance repeated twice as a warm up for my regular workout. I’m guessing the length ; turning out to about 32 steps forward and about 40 backward. Today I also added that at the end of a leg workout. I’m using a Rogue sled that the specs say weighs 105 empty.

Anyone experienced with them have any advice of what to do and to avoid ?

Sled work is a pretty regular part of my training. It gets phased in and out. I use an Elitefts Prowler specifically, so I can push and drag it.

What are you wanting to accomplish with the sled? That’s going to determine how it gets used.

I incorporate it in a not too structured manner, depends on how much suck factor I’m wanting to face, or as mentioned above, what exactly I’m wanting out of it. I primarily use it as a conditioning tool, so tend to move quick over 40 metres and keep rests short. If I’m slow, it’s time to call it.

I wouldn’t hesitate to load it heavy and take a shorter and slower “strength based” approach with it.

EDIT: I’ve not got lots of experience with it, I’m figuring it out as I go along, but it’s just a prowler, load it up and go, I can’t go too far wrong!

Thanks for the answers. I was looking at it for conditioning and was thinking if done heavy it could be a substitute for other leg movements for a while as a change. I didn’t measure how long the pass is in my gym where it’s used but others I’ve asked guess it’s around thirty yards. Watching others using it, it seems most do it light and almost run with it , aways pushing and never pulling backwards. So far I’ve been pushing the length and then without rest pulling it back to the starting point and repeating it before a rest.

T3hPwnisher, I’m sure you uses it as few others do … I’m afraid to even look at what you do with it !

I love (to hate!) sled work. For my part, this is true:

as is this:

I’m also a fan of all things 5/3/1, so if you want a more structured approach, just google “5/3/1 sled workouts” and find the link to JW’s blog post, “Three Prowler Workouts - Jim Wendler.” It should be in the top few hits.

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Tried to post this a while back. Made this sled to perform Dr. D’s old school metabolic work out. Push for 40 secs, do a set of chins, pull back to start, do a set of dips or push ups, continue for 12 minutes