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Sled Pulling Without the Sled


Any creative thoughts on how to perform a front and back sled pull without actually having a proper sled?

I'm a member at a gym, but they don't have a weight sled, so I'm trying to come up with a ghetto method that will still work.


If you have a wheel-barrel fill the barrel with your body weight, with plates..or more and then push the wheelbarel up hills and shit...works great!, super intense and its part of chuck liddel's training regimen


Walk on a treadmill that's turned off (meaning you're providing all the force).


get a tire from an auto shop. They give them away for free if you go after hours. You don't even have to talk to anybody or ask or anything, just grab one and go. :wink:


Not so much a pull as a push. But if your gym has a stool or a box, you can flip it over and put weights in. Then push to your heart's content.


That's a good way to get booted out of the gym. There's no way management will be okay with that. Plus, with a regular treadmill (and not a specific tread sled), it'll only be moderately-effective because there'll be practically no resistance.

"Still work" for what? Any reason you're particularly looking to pull a sled? For cardio, for conditioning, "GPP", just for variety?

Like Jay said, getting a broken/irreparable/flat tire from an auto shop shouldn't be a big problem. Spend a couple of bucks on some thick rope from a Home Depot-type place, and you're good to go.


Sorry! I just remember reading that in a DeFranco/Wendler/Tate article (can't remember the exact author).


^^ Basically to change it up. Seems like it would be a great conditioning tool on my dynamic days for WS4SB3


The old tire works well and is fairly cheap. Grab some plywood, a piece of metal pipe and some bolts and can easily attach plates to the tire to give you the resistance.

Can also use an old hood from a car. The looks that you get from using this one are great.