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Sled/Prowler Work for Rehab?

Hey CT & Co,

So I’m trying to get some prowler’s / Sleds for our group. Now the only dep. that seems to have money is physio. Are there any good arguments/info out there on using resisted pushing & pulling for rehab?

Just trying to present something to the physio (who’s pretty open, but to a point) to get us some sleds and a few prowlers.



I do have an argument for that.

I broke my tibia 4 months ago and wasn’t able to walk for 5 weeks. About 1-2 weeks after I started walking I could do light prowler work. This was about 2 weeks before I was able to do squats with very light weight and almost 4 weeks before I could do squats as much weight as pain tolerated.

So in short, the prowler work was quality strength work I could do on an injured limb that was relatively low stress/low impact. It also greatly increased the quality of my later (current) rehab, as I had already gained some strength back before I started really getting back into lifting.

obviously I’m not a PT or a trainer, this is simply anecdotal evidence that may or may not persuade the PT department.