Sled/Prowler Recommendations?

Hey all, the wife is interested in adding sled/prowler work into her regimen. In the interest of having a versatile home-gym I was hoping for something that could be used as both conditioning and power for both push and pull (or dog-pull). This is mainly for my wife, but I will probably end up using it as well.

We have a home gym so weights aren’t really a problem, but having the plastic skis on the bottom would certainly help the cul-de-sac keep it’s current appearance.

Anyways, I was thinking about the Rogue Echo Dog Sled

Was curious if anyone has advice or alternative products they recommend?
I want to get a rope for pulling, but I was also wondering if there are recommendations for attachments that people really enjoy

@Chris_Colucci lol sorry man, i was editing the post and cancelled while you made changes, then it undid your topic changes (without me trying to do it) so it looked like i was in an edit war with you :sweat_smile:

I have exactly that sled, bought it about 9 months ago, it’s changed the way I condition significantly.

I push on my asphalt driveway, so I bought the plastic skis to minimize damage (to both the sled and the asphalt), and it’s been great: solid and quiet, well-built, absolutely no complaints.

Edit: I don’t have a rope for pulling, but I want to get one, because I suppose my one complaint is that it’s hard to pull backwards with the default handles. But maybe that’s just because I have short arms or something?

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Was there any particular reason you chose that one instead of this one?

The price is a bit higher on this version, but it looks to be a bit better (subjective). Just curious

Probably cost, but I honestly don’t remember. Is that a new model? Perhaps it wasn’t even an option at the time…

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I’ve used this particular sled before and it totally answers the mail. I own a prowler 2, and it’s awesome, but it’s metal on asphalt with that guy.

You honestly can’t go wrong with some sort of push sled.

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I think it is a revised version of the original dog sled

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Ah, I see. Not sure about the 1.2 or the Slice, but FWIW, I’d buy the Echo again if I had to.


No worries about the edits.

Unless I’m not reading the Rogue site right, a big difference seems to be that this one can take other attachment handles (high/low bars, wrap around rail [which seems awesome for quickly pulling ‘laps’ in a shorter space], etc.), while the Echo seems to just have the vertical posts and spot for pulling attachment.

If those attachments aren’t a big deciding factor, then the Echo should be fine. I don’t have hands-on experience with either though, so trust the other dudes’ input for sure.

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