Sled/Prowler Pushing vs Pulling?

Is there a significant difference in lower body muscle use (either ones used or to the degree that they are used) between pushing a prowler and pulling a sled (or prowler)?

From what I was told, pulling the sled is supposed to work your hamstrings more than pushing it. What I’ve found in practice is that if you do the sled-pulling with more of a stiff-leg and hit with your heel first, then pulling can be more of a hamstring-dominant exercise. But if you really lean into them and bend your legs, I find them to be very similar to pushing the sled in terms of muscles used. Whatever the case, each one is a different stimulus and for the sake of variety it’s a good idea to mix in both pushing and pulling.

If you compare pulling “forward” vs backwards, yes.

if not, the lower body is basicly the same.

The upper body makes use of the shoulders and elbows when pushing. That is the only major difference.

From my experiences
push=posterior chain (hami’s, glutes, calf)
pull=quad dominant

^ I thought I had extremely poor prowler knowledge. Thank you

Push It
Pull It