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Sled/Prowler for Legs


CT, in your opinion is it possible to use a sled/prowler exclusively to build legs?


Sure, I did it with a 60 years old bodybuilder (who actually went on to win the overall in front of guys in their 20s and 30s). He has knee problems and couldn’t do regular leg exercises. He had a solid leg improvement.

Myself I did a prowler/lunge only workout today… prowler pushing forward 30m, walking lunges 30m, prowler pushing backwards 30m…about 1 min between exercises for 6 setd


I tweaked my back a few years ago squating two days after hand and thigh lift workout with straps. Any way i used my pull harness from strongman, went to hardware store bought just the bucket part of wheelbarrow 14buck 30 ft nylon rope 5 bucks, instead of doing vehicle pull did 30-50 yard sprints on concrete not grinding heavy pulls where you toes point out, but light 70, 140, 210, used sandbags, 3 bucks a piece at gas station, i did this as my finishing exercise on leg day, if felt could run a little faster after a few workouts, until someone decided to steal my harness and my 100ft 2inch hemp rope, thanks g****.