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Sled/Prowler Advice?

I want to get one which does both. I only have about £50 for it so I was wondering if anyone has bought one for less then that or any good ways to make one? I’d like to make one so I can spend money on plates as some resistance along with stones.

Also how much weight do you use for sprints? If I make one I’ll make a none plate loading one so I can put anyhting in it.

Take the wheels off a kids red wagon. Throw some plates in there and push. Tie a rope around it and pull. Cant get much simpler and cheaper then that. If you’re having problems with it catching on the ground, wax the bottom of the wagon with surf board or skate wax.

If you know a welder you can just purchase a sled and then have them weld some uprights onto it with 1.5" pipe. The pipes can also serve as additional loading pins if you wanted to add more weight (may want to brace them if you are going do do that though).

You can make a tire sled for next to nothing but the prowler might be tough. An alternative would always be pushing your car or a football sled.

Personally I believe that you can do some great GPP workouts with the sled; a prowler is not mandatory equipment.

Was thinking about getting a sled myself. Seems like a cheap and ‘fun’(term used lightly) alternative to a treadmill.
I also happen to live next to a beach and a small woods so a places to really push myself are there, just need to find the equipment.

Use a tire, its much cheaper.

What size tyre should I use to start

[quote]Needforspeed wrote:
What size tyre should I use to start[/quote]

When I made my tire sled, the tire I used was from a fullsize pick-up/suv. I wnet to the local tire dealer and asked for a scrap tire, bigger was better. I just wanted it to be round and black with a big hole in the middle, (insert your own obscene joke here).

I drilled a hole through the tread and installed an eye bolt with big washers on both sides and put in a piece of plywood to set plates on. I picked up a 20 ft tow strap from harbor freight or northern tools for $10, hooked both ends to the eye and started pulling.

Pulling the tire on asphalt is interesting, smells like a day at the dragstrip. The hotter the tire gets from the friction the better traction it has. When we would alternate turns by the end of the session it was significantly harder to pull.

Ya, i’d start with a bigger tire, so that you dont have to load as much weight in it. Im currently using a standard size car tire (bout 16") and I put a 45 in it for longer distance work, and pu to 130lbs for shorter pulls. And thats all my weight, so im needing to get a bigger heavier tire sometime soon.

Depending on your ground surface, it can be VERY tough to pull a tire. My neighborhood has asphalt with gravel embedded in it, so there is a TON of friction.

Here is my recommendation to making a tire. Get an SUV tire, or possibly a semi-truck sized tire if your really strong. (You should not have to pay for either, a tire shop will give you old ones.) Drill TWO holes in the tread on opposite ends of the tire. (If the tire was earth these would be the north and south pole) But they need to be pretty much exactly opposite ends. Pick up 2 eyebolts, 4 washers, and 2 nuts. The rest you should be able to figure out. You can use tow strap or some rope, and some caribeners, or some kind of way to connect everything. Also, if you want to challenge your grip more, making some handles out of 1.5-2" PVC makes it brutal.

Thats it really. It takes about 15-20 minutes to make and then you can get to pulling. Having the eyebolts on opposite ends is nice, because when you pull to one end of the street, you can simply flip around to the other side and pull the other way. Otherwise you have to turn the tire each trip.