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Sled or GHR

Help me choose between a dragging sled or GHR unit.

I’ve wanted a GHR for a while. Only problem is I’m getting a little bored with my routine. The reason I’ve considered getting the sled, is for something new. I feel like doing some core stuff.

What do you guys/gals think?

I would get the GHR; you can always build a sled, pretty cheap to do as well.

I’d get a reverse hyper instead. You can do natural GHRs instead of GHRs and you can easily make a sled using a tire and rope.

Of course between the GHR and the sled I’d choose the GHR.

Good idea on making the sled. I was thinking the same thing after posting. I must say I think the RH is priced a little on the high side.

Choosing between the sled and a GHR all depends on what your goals are and what muscles you are trying to target. You said that you wanted to work on your core. Now the GHR is going to target your posterior. With the sled, you can get very creative on what you do with it and what muscles you want to target. There may be more carry-over to your core (not posterior work) when you are using the sled because of your whole body being involved in pulling it especially if you are dragging it behind you which targets the posterior. Dragging the sled backwards while facing it will target the quads more.

I have a sled and a reverse-hyper. I bought a very good sled for $90 from New York Barbells. I use the sled now as a means for recovery/GPP rather than for building strength. With the reverse hyper I never got good carry-over to my hamstrings so if the hammies are what you want to target then go with the GHR. The reverse hyper will really hit the glutes and lower back. The reverse hyper is another great rehab/recovery tool as well.

Louie Simmons created the reverse-hyper with back healing in mind. It really opens up the sacrum and gets blood in there. You don’t bend your legs with the reverse-hyper so I think that’s why I never really felt it in my hamstrings.

There are a lot of other great exercises you could do to hit the core and the posterior if you didn’t have a sled, GHR or a reverse-hyper. It’s great to have variety if you have the space and the money to purchase more equipment.

the easiest way to make a sled itto buy a wheelbarrow then take off the frame for the wheels et.

with a bit of luck your barrow will have 2 holes in the front from the frame is so fix some rope thru them and attach the rope you want i.e. a harness, bungee or plane old rope with two ends to hold onto.

load the thing with sandbags if you don thave plates or plates if you have some.

I just took an old tyre, fit a piece of wood in the middle. Now I can just dump weights (and water bottles!) “in” my sled and set off. Didn’t cost a penny.