Sled I Built

[quote]Der Candy wrote:
What is sled dragging good for? Because last night I dreamt I was doing it.

That wasn’t a dream…that was a NIGHTMARE.


[quote]smorr wrote:
I made a sled recently and have been using it for the past week or so. I really enjoy it and wish I had begun earlier. I am interested in hearing what results others have noticed from dragging sleds. Especially in improved squat/deadlift, and hypertrophy (Anyone notice an increase in calf girth?)

Here is the sled I welded up. I have a pipe that slides into the one welded on the sled for carrying more weights. I made it removable so the sled fit in my car better.[/quote]

This is a double sled which I asked my welder to make.

It costs around US$90 which is way cheaper than what EliteFTS is selling($225+shipping to my country)