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Sled for Pushing

Just re-read the “Just One Exercise” article by Mike Boyle and with the warmer weather, I am looking to get a sled. Basically, I’m hoping to get a small sled and some plates to keep in the truck and hit some heavy sled pushes over at the local school/park after work or on the weekends.

Ideally, I’d like to get a flat-bottomed, smallish sled (1) that I can push, and (2) that is not too awkward or cumbersome to store in a vehicle. Failing that, I will use one that has double runners, but again, it would need something that I can comfortably push off of. I can’t tell for sure what type of sled Boyle had in that video in his article.

Anyone know a good one that I could buy? I’m actually thinking that the barrow part of a wheelbarrow with some sandbags tossed in would work pretty well, but I’d prefer not to have to store sandbags in my car.

Also, any guidance on parameters such as distance, weights, reps, sets if one’s goal is to improve strength?


[quote]absolute3 wrote:

Well, obviously, the Prowler jumped to mind, but I’m not sure it satisfies the first criteria of being able to fit in my vehicle. It also looks difficult to physically carry to the grass from, say, an adjacent parking lot. I’d have to see it in person to truly judge, though.

This just arrived the other day,


The shipping was like $25, but I’m not sure because I got some other stuff w/ it.

It comes w/ a harness and all necessary straps for dragging.

I played around w/ it and am going to put it through its first workout in about an hour.

Its got two low handles to push from. The sled dimensions are on the link. I wanted a flat bottom sled too, but I couldn’t beat the price on this guy, and from playing around w/ it, it seems pretty smooth on both concrete and grass.

The loading pin is kinda low, and I only have bumpers so I’m going to have to experiment w/ a extender if I want to really load it up.

If you have any specific questions about it, let me know.