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Sled Drills


I have had my sled for about a month now and I think its awsome - I use it mostly for GPP/conditioning stuff in place of regular cardio which bores me stupid. These are the drills I currently use - in no particular order…

Walking forwards and backwards
Walking side ways
Walking forwards doing a chest fly
Walking backwards doing a rear delt fly
Walking forwards doing a bicep curl
Walking backwards doing a row/tricep kick back
Walking forward with the straps over my shoulders to work the abs more
Walking forwards bent over to hit the hamstrings
Sprints follwed by a walk back

I use a waist belt for heavy walking and sprinting and sled straps for the rest. Tried ankle straps but fell over too often to do again especially in public.

Now, the point of the post - do you guys know any other drills I can do? I cant think of any more and would be really interested in any suggestions.



First of all, I never use a harness. I either use 2 rings or a 5’ x 1 1/4 " dowel with a screww eye in each end.

Sideways - cross-over step

Forward - attach thre ropes to your ankles and pull with the legs (use the bar as a walking stick for balance)

Backward - attach ropes to ankles and pull with legs

Bar - tri-cep extensions
- curls
- every imaginable type of row
- explosive bench press
-hang snatch (face the sled for this one)

Sideways - twist like a 2 handed backhand in tennis (2 rings)

Invent some more.


Thanks - good stuff.