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Sled Drags as Assistance on Deload Week


To be blunt: is this a good idea, bad idea, or neutral idea that doesn't matter one way or the other? Specifically, for my lower body days I'd do the deload sets/reps as prescribed in the original book for main work, 3x10 GHR, 3x10 walking lunges (light weight), 5x10 ab work, then drag a heavy sled around for like 20 minutes. I figured this would be a good way to get some "challenging" work in that isn't particularly hard on the nervous system and won't interfere with recovery. Thoughts?


I think I could do this during the deload week and get away with it(getting sufficient recovery). But try it and give us feedback.


Yes. This is part of the Beyond book.


my favorite is prowler easy and medium and just a good ol 2 mile walk on deload week


[quote]Jim Wendler wrote:
Yes. This is part of the Beyond book. [/quote]

Must have missed that part or let it slip into my subconscious without remembering where it came from. Thanks.