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Sled Dragging

For all of you that dont have the dough to buy a sled to drag, I have a good alternative. Take a wheel barrow and take the wheels and handles off. There should be two holes in the front where the screws went. Those holes make for a perfect place to thread a rope through. I did it yesterday and Im kicking my self for not doing it sooner. You can do a million things with it. Check it out for restoration and some extra work for weak body parts.

We use an old tire. Just attach a chain to it, and then stack plate on top it.

I’ve drug weight plates themselves (on grass), tires, everything.

Hell, one time we put a haybale ontop of a tire and drug that! :slight_smile:

That’s a real good suggestion. I bought the EFS sled and I love that thing. Stored nicely in my trunk with all my weights.