Sled dragging

i recently read Dave Tate’s article on Conjugated Periodization and found some of the exercises a bit difficult to understand. What is sled dragging? It certainly doesnt occur in the gym I go to. Perhaps this site would be a bit better if there were some small movies of the exercises that are a bit knew to some of us, such as romanian deadlifts.

Sled Dragging is where you take a big metal sled, usually with a little extra weight on it, attach a rope to your belt, ankles, or hold it in your hands, and you drag the weight for a prescribed distance, usually 200 feet. You can do it in a variety of different ways to hit any muscle in the body.

Romanian Dead are a deadlift that starts in the upright position. You lower the weight by pushing your hips back while keeping your lower legs as perpendicular to the floor as possible. You'll probably be able to go pretty low, so some people like to use smaller weight plates or do it off blocks.

Sled dragging is just that – dragging a sled. You throw some weight on a sled, strap it to your back and walk. There’s countless variations you can do…walk hunched over, with your hands above your head holding the straps, backwards, sideways with the strap around your outside foot, you could even strip down naked, hook the straps around your feet and drag yourself through the parking lot on your elbows (and you thought the pain of a bar scraping across your shins while deadlifting was bad). I personally have never done any of these, since I have no sled, though I plan on getting one sometime. I think they use is primarily as a recovery exercise after a leg workout or in a separate workout. Dave Tate sells sleds through Elite Fitness Systems.

Sled dragging simply means dragging a weighted sled. You can load it up heavy for work, ie training, or use a lighter load for restorative or active rest purposes. Westside sells a sled you can stack plates on which comes with a nylon strap that attaches to a weight belt. you simply walk. You can drag backwards, fowards, side, or evn use you upper body.
Descriptions and movies of various different exrcises are available in videos from Westside Barbell, Ian King, etc. Not everything can be had for free guys.

Sled dragging is just like it sounds. There is a sled with weights in it and you drag it via two straps. You can have the straps in varying positions (i.e. attached to ankles, held in hands, etc.). I personally use the Westside system so I can answer any questions you have about it.


Sled dragging is an exercise mainly used in football training. You take a huge slab of metal that has a chain attached to it and you drag it around. This is usually used for us slow linemen… It is simmilar to Poliquin’s 1-6 method, except for sprints. This exercise can also be performed by using car or truck and a tow chain, at least thats how I do em.

James go to the website and press the “equiptment” icon. This will show you a picture of a westside sled, (upper left corner), also you can go to deepsquatter to find examples of sled workouts.

also at the elitefts website they got an active “ask Dave” section where dave tate answers all of your (or most atleast) of your Qs, pretty kick ass. BTW you guys might want to look into freaksonature -i found the site off of Deepsquatter and this site has SOME demonstrations of the WSB excercises. The best thing they have is a video of Louie and a WSB guy doin a JM press.