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Sled Dragging Substitutes


Been reading a lot about sled dragging/prowlers and it seems awesome. Unfortunately, because I live in an apartment in Manhattan I can't do either. What are some replacements that are equally as effective and interesting?


How about Sled Pushing? I think any interval training is fine, on any type of cardio equipment a the gym you can do intense intervals of like 30 seconds. For tredmill incline + speed, bike just up the difficulty and pedal fast. Hills or stairs work too if you want to be outside.


When at the gym, put a 35lb plate on the floor (carpet is best) and then grab any DB over 25lbs and place it on the plate and simply push it. Place one hand on each end of the DB and push away. Just as effective.


Is it because of the noise or the size of the sled?? Can't you just go to the park? If it is a size issue I use blast straps and attach 45lb plates to them, works great.


I live in a big city too and understand how hard is to find a place. I guess i could go to a park or beach but its really not pratical after finishing the workout at the gym, picking weight plates and going by car somewhere i can drag it, then bringing it back home... a 15 min sled finisher would add well over 1 hour, who has time for this? I'm lucky i have a nice hill very near home, so that is what i do after my squat and dead workouts.

What these guys are doing at 0:20 seems like a good alternative:

I havent tried it yet but its something i going to experiment with as soon as i buy more bands. I will also try experiment some ways i can drag weights in the playground of the building i live without damaging the floor.


If your gym has one of those rooms where they yoga and other programs, you can use that. This is what I do when its empty. Grab a thick mat that is used for sit ups. Throw some plates on top of the mat and push it up and down the room. works on most types of flooring, especially wood.


Seriously, get on a treadmill and start trying to run/sprint forwards and backwards on it with the power OFF.

Running forward while "pushing" against the console = sled pushing

Running/walking backwards with hands on side rails = sled pulling

Maybe not as equally effective but I does hurt to breathe when I do a couple of these "sprints" so it must be doing something.

Tried it before a few times and no damage to the machines occured (in case you're worried). The worst that can happen is someone coming along, seeing what you are doing, and give you teh WTF look... had it happen to me once when this cute blonde came up smiling and told me, "You know the machine is off right?".



Push your vehicle around the parking lot, you'll need someone to drive though. You might get some funny looks but it's one hell of a conditioner.



i train athletes in NYC the facility i use has sleds check it out




water alternative


These would be closer to substitutes for a Prowler, but some would argue that the Prowler is better than a sled. With the Prowler, you're pushing with your arms and driving with your legs. The thruster is similar to that. Basically it's a front squat where you press the weight up immediately after driving out of the hole. Can be done with a barbell or dumbbells.

A variation is to do a walking lunge, and as you come up press the weight up. This one is probably easier with dumbbells. A final variation is to do a walking lunge but just hold the weight overhead without pressing. This variation is probably more like the Prowler in that you're using single leg drives while isometrically pushing against a weight.


Really cool idea. I've tried it now a few times. It's not like pushing a prowler, but definitely a good one for intervalls.
But I'm still missing the cute blonde.


^ this is what i do...map out about 40 yards, push it 40, then back 40, or pull either way


I use a bench, throw a bunch of plates on top, and push it. Pretty good Prowler alternative right there. Throw a jump rope around the legs, and pull it, there's your sled. I actually have a video I'll put up later to show what I do (I'm on my iPhone right now :wink: )


Def interested in seeing that Ashy.


Here it is. The quality is a bit sketchy (brand new camera, too. Good thing I have the receipt lol), and my buddy that filmed it is a bit of a goober so ignore him lol. It's for my German Volume Training, so fast forward to 1:30 if you don't want to watch my sloppy deadlifts lol

Sled substitute at 1:30


Nylon towing straps can be used to pull an old tire (free). Load the inside of the tire with plates, concrete, rocks, anything. Go outside and move it with the straps. Pushing and pulling.