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Sled Dragging for Strength


In Dave Tate's article,
GPP Westside Style he mentions that he and his clients do heavy around the waist sled draggind twice a week, in addition to his restoration sessions. Do you do these sessions during the main lower body sessions, later in the day or on completely different days all together.


Well I'm without a sled, but I know pushin my car around works the hell out of my lower body.


Dave Tate wrote that he uses the sled during an auxiliary workout later in the day, preferably after training. One could use sleds drags on different days but it really depends on your goals and/or sport. Hope that helps.


Thats what i thought, was that he dragged heavy later in the day. Just wanted to make sure thanks


het man check out the artical "drag your butt in to shape", it gives a whole weeks worth of westside sled dragging.
Good luck