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Sled Dogs Killed Due to Slow Business


This breaks my heart and made me sick to read.



Didn't read the article, but how much did Mr. Vick charge?


If my gf reads this I'm gonna be mad. 2 things will happen. 1) I will be buying a ticket to BC so she can kill all the people involved with killing those dogs, and 2) I will be building some new kennels so the rest will have a place to stay when she brings them all back home. I swear she thinks I'm the dang SPCA. She wants me to catch every stray she sees so she can care for it. But I can't complain, if she didn't care so much for dumb animals, she wouldn't be with me.


There just dogs



shut up


did someone at least eat them?


I wonder what dog tastes like?



I actually consume the animals that are killed for me. I don't bury them in a mass grave because tourism went down.


"Earlier Monday, WorkSafe BC confirmed that an employee with Outdoor Adventures Whistler received compensation for post traumatic distress disorder after he was required to shoot the dogs."

LOL. That's brilliant. Employee claims compensation for PTSD... except it's not 'post traumatic' anything unless he shot the dogs to claim compensation for emotional distress. If he was so traumatized, he wouldn't have shot them in the first place.

I have an inkling that the article is a hoax. The alternative isn't worth thinking about.


lets pretend I made an articulate argument about torturous slaughter conditions, unlimited empathy for dogs, and disregard for human suffering.

I like to say if Ben Roethlisberger had raped a dog he'd be stamping license plates in Leavensworth right now.


Britain contemplating deportation of gay woman who will almost certainly face torture and death in Uganda.



Where just dogs?


-Certified Humane
-I'm against the unnecessary slaughter of any animal, not just dogs.


Over their.


Over ware?


blood boils


Death to all Canadians!!!


Oven ware?