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Sled And Other Equipment


Hey everybody...

I am getting my home gym all set. Thinking about getting a weight sled. Any suggestions on which type would be better: the kind that you harness to your body and run forward. OR the kind you pull with straps and walk/run backward.

Also, I like "odd object" type lifting for a change of pace so if anybody has some good ideas of products/equipment that you like, please suggest some.

Feel free to provide websites for any suggestions.

Thanks in advance


umm, get the hardness cuz then you can always just hold the rope for it.

personally, I made my own, and I just tie it to my weightbelt if I want to pull it.

for odd objects:

if you don't got one already, get a wheelbarrow.


I also have 50gallon drums I use everry so often to just pick up and carry w/ weight, or throw.


I made my own sled out of PVC, and use it as a sled and as a prowler.

I also have some old fence post foundations that I use for strongman type stuff, nothing but solid concrete.

Try and get a good sized tractor tire too if you can and a keg, fill it with water or sand.


The prowler is supposed to be one of the 'best' sleds out their


check it out watch the videos on it ext, if you have the money-its kind of expensive- I would get it.


Or, you could save $500 by nailing a bunch of 2x4's together with a little creativity.

That's what I did and it worked great.


Cool! How did you go about putting it together? After reading this I started thinking of a pretty elaborate design, but I doubt as complicated as what I have in mind.


I had a 2'x4' piece of grating and bolted 2 2x4s longitudinally to the bottom with countersunk holes. I cut the front of the 2x4s so it wouldn't dig into the grass. That's it, nothing complicated and it worked great.

We also would get people to sit on it for additional weight.


The Prowler looks great. I will get that one. Thanks.

I have sandbags, kettlebells, clubbells, weighted vest, dip bar, pullup bar.

The wheelbarrel is an excellent suggestion. I forgot about that one. Just get it from like Home Depot, or is there one that would be better for real heavy weight?

Where does one get a tractor tire? Don't know how I would get that to my house either but it looks like fun flipping it over.

Thanks for the advice. I'll keep checking back here.


I bought this one a long time ago and have had great success with it...very strong and reliable.



This is a pretty could link for this thread. Lots of good ideas.



craigslift or ebay.

If you're lucky you might find an old farmer who is willing to sell an old tire to you.

If you live near any tire companies ask them if you can take some old spare used tires off their hands, it costs the company money to dispose of them, so you'd be helping them out in the end.


I was lucky enough to find a discarded off-road tire on the side of the road that weighs 'bout 100lbs. I drilled a hole through it and attached an eye-bolt. Bought a decent strong rope, mountain climbing clips, and some hand grips. I drag it about 90' for 10 sets (on dirt) twice a week. I do it forwards, backwards, or anyway I can get winded. I sometimes attach it to a weight belt. Cost about $40 for the gear.

Good luck-


You got a car???
I push my Murano around the neighborhood once a week (~20 min. session). My wife "drives"...great workout, plus I get to embarrass the old lady. I love it when people ask if I need help and I tell them, "no thanks, I'm training," I've never seen a more confused human being.

I am going to build a harness to pull it also.
I built a set of Farmers handles with some galvenized pipe from Home Depot. I can put my olympic weights on so they are fully adjustable. I think those costed me about $80-$100 to build...WELL worth the $, and A LOT cheaper than NYBB and Elite (not as pretty though).

Also, I built my sled for about $20-$30 (also fully adjustable, you can load as much weight as the harness can handle).


I made a dragging sled out of oak pallet boards. It is about 2' x 4'. I used 20d nails to attach a 4x4 piece of CCA to the front, cut a groove in the center of the 4x4 to run the chain through. For added resistance, I attached semi-truck treads (my contribution to the cleaning up the environment-got them off the side of the interstate) to the bottom.


you gotta get the prowler I love mine its prob my favorite piece oh gym equipment. and maybe some farmerwalk implements, I made mine out of two inch pipe. cheap and works great.