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Sled Alternatives


Just lately at the gym, as it doesn't have a sled (just like most commercial gyms I would imagine) I have started using one of those reebok step things, turning it upside down, filling it full of plates and pushing that. I'm just curious though, is this too low to the floor for doing "sled pushing"? I'm not feeling any pain other than the fact it is setting my quads on fire! I don't want to injure myself by putting myself in this position.



i've had tons of people do "sled low push" without any injury. i've done it myself hundreds of times, never experienced any problems. the only problems i've seen from it is some people have puked afterwords, and some can't walk due to all the acid :slight_smile:

if your setup is similar to this:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qdLOKBpINg ,
then you should be fine (sled low push is the first part of the video).



I am pretty much in that same position when doing it, so I have nothing to worry about