SLDL's and Squats

Question: I do a 3 TBT program 3 days/week with Squats and SLDL’s being my primary exercises (along with DB press, pull ups, and db rows). SLDL’s are just easier for me (I’m 6’2") than DL’s, which feel very awkward. I am still relatively weak (usually do 8-12 x 225 - 250) and was wondering if I should stop doing the SLDL’s and learn to DL?

Are DL’s superior to SLDL’s for gaining mass?

Usually, those with longer arms are actually better deadlifters than stockier folk. But anyhow, it would be good for you to learn proper form on the deadlift and it’s overall growth producing potential is greater than the SLDL. But, the recovery ability needed to recover from a few sets of hard DLs vs. SLDLs is a lot greater.

Reason being is that the muscles of the mid and low back tend to fatigue first in the DL, putting people at a risk of injury if they are pulling in a state of fatigue.

This is typically a major issue when people are getting to pull some serious weights. But by all means, give it a try and see what works for you. If I were you though, I’d keep my reps lower on DLs. Even if you want to do a set of 6-8, I’d say stick with doing sets of 3-5 with your 6-8RM and just do more sets for increased volume.

Happy pulling.


I think you should learn how to deadlift. They are a better mass builder, and they certainly will stress more muscles than an SLDL.

6’2" is not too tall to DL. Just focus on your form. If you’ve been doing stiff leg’s for a long time, then you will probably revert back to that form as the weights get higher. This happened to me when I started DLing. When the weights got heavy, I would tend to raise my hips first, and then pull with my back, just because that’s what my body knew. Deficit deads with a lighter load has helped correct that.

Good luck.

Iagree if you are bad at an exercise dont run from it or avoid it make it priority and get better at it. Its the things we suck at and dont do thatgenerally give the best pay back