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SLDL Form Check, Please Help!


Hi everyone this is my first post here!

My stiff legged deadlift form is horrible. Could you please help me ?

Im doing 3 reps with 225 lbs in the video attached below (yes I am really weak)



Ok, from what I can see, you are deadlifting not stiff leg deadlifting. Some may argue but many deadlifters start with your amount of knee bend.

What you are doing is round back deadlifting.

unless you are a hamer thrower it may not be what you want to do.

what are you doing them for ??


I just want to get a stronger lower back and hamstrings (Im doing DLs on my back day).
The problem is, when I start to lift the barbell I feel like my back is totally straight (when it obviously is not) I think that if I bend my knees a little more this might fix the problem but Im not really sure. Any advice? Sorry for my bad english


I have issues rounding my back too. I have been trying to work on hinging my hips and activating my hamstrings a whole lot more and this seems to help me. Watch Elliot Hulse on YouTube describe the biomechanics of the deadlift. I found this to be really helpful.


Thanks! That video was indeed really helpfull. Hopefully I will fix this issue soon.


Just do regular deadlifts until you can do them with a somewhat neutral spine. They will hit your lower back and hamstrings just as much, and no sense trying to do SLDLs when you can't do a deadlift properly either.

Lower the weight a bit until your form improves, then slowly start to work up. Just do triples or something low rep, really drilling technique with each rep (lots of sets, enough rest between each that you can keep your form from breaking). One thing that helped me is to really focus on filling your belly with air and pressing out your abs before and during the pull. A strong tight core should keep that back a lot straighter.


my advice would be to forget deadlifts for now, at least until you have the core strength to keep from blowing your back out.

learn to hinge properly, pavel tsatsouline has some really good drills involving bodyweight sumo-box-squats to jumps. practice hinging with a movement less taxing. look into kettlebell swings, good mornings, romanian deadlifts.

most of all ask someone to watch you and stop whenever form deteriorates at all, until you are able to do the movement safely and you develop the prerequisite strength.

you'll see a lot of elite level lifters with slight rounding of the back, ranging to some pretty extreme rounding in some cases with maximal weights. the only way to do this safely is to develop the necessary mid-back, core and stabilising strength to keep the rounded spine from folding in two.

sorry to keep harping on but until you have the necessary strength to do this safely you need to put your back in the safest possible position, which is with a near as damnit neutral spine.

as an aside, i would guess your hamstring flexibility is lacking, which is part of what is preventing you getting down into that position with a flat back.

happy lifting

p.s. youre english is perfect


Sorry, but I think the idea of giving up deadlifts because you suck at them and lack strength/flexibility in the proper areas is just piss poor advice.

Keep deadlifting, just dial the weight back and drill technique until it improves, then slowly add weight each week while continuing to video. Drop the weight or reps once the form breaks. The best way to get better at the deadlift and improve the muscles central to the movement is to deadlift.

Sprogg is right though that improving your hip flexibility and mobility never hurts. Check out DeFranco's agile eight and do that a few times a week. Should see a pretty quick improvement in that area.


I think their advice seems sound. I basically went all the way down to 135 and added small increments of weight focusing on volume and maintaining safe and solid form. I also warm up a lot with Kbells and box squats to get my hamstrings, glutes, etc. really ready to deadlift. Keep taking video.

I often can't understand how to make adjustments until I see the issue. It's good you are seeking feedback early. I had to relearn and rehab both my squat and deadlift and had I learned earlier on how to do these movements properly, I would probably be lifting more now. I am glad the video helped. :slightly_smiling:


Thanks a lot guys! I´ll do my best to improve my form, hopefully I´ll get it right soon, I´ll lower the weight, do lots of sets, and take more videos, I´ll also work on my hamstring flexibility!

Again thanks a lot.